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The BIG BALE FLAKER™ is the first bale feeder of its kind. It is an all-electric, completely remote control method of feeding big square bales of hay from the safety and comfort of cab of your pickup or tractor. It fits on any flat-bed truck or trailer and will feed any size large square bale.

The BIG BALE FLAKER™ is a complete feeding system which utilizes the 12 volt system in your truck or tractor as the only power source it requires. It consists of the base unit, commonly referred to as the Bale Flaker. This is the unit that feeds the bale. It uses a 5000lb electric winch to propel the bale over the edge of the bed allowing the bale to “flake off”. It has as standard equipment a safety arm which locks into place enabling you to feed a portion of the bale and take the remainder to another location. It also has a “Flake Stabilizer” which holds loose hay such as Bermuda, Sudan, or wheat in place not allowing it to have a domino effect. Also the BIG BALE FLAKER™ can be positioned where it won’t interfere with a goose neck trailer or cube feeder.

Depending on the type and condition of the bale, the BIG BALE FLAKER™ will flake off hay one to four flakes at a time. In cases of extremely tight hay, such as alfalfa, the “Flaker Assist” will break up the larger chunks of hay. In most cases even the tightest bale will come off in 1 to 2 flakers. It is an optional unit that can be added at anytime and is not required to feed any of the looser types of hay.

For those producers who need to take more than one bale at a time, the reloading unit allows you to carry any where from 2 to 6 bales at a time. It is of the same design, except for a second winch, which propels a bale onto the “Bale Flaker”. The popular 2 bale and 3 bale units will fit on most pickup beds or trailers.

The BIG BALE FLAKER™ is a safe, economical, bale feeding system that saves time and labor. It turns a 2 man operation into a 1 man job. Anyone who can drive a pickup can feed hay with this system. By flaking the hay it allows you to spread hay over large areas which minimize loss. Since it was designed in a simple manner it is practically maintenance free. No other piece of equipment can match its capabilities, capacity, or price.
* The BIG BALE FLAKER™ makes it possible for one person to feed the big square bales of hay from the comfort and safety of the cab of their pickup.
* The BIG BALE FLAKER™ is equipped with a safety arm feature which allows the user to feed a portion of a bale of hay. The BIG BALE FLAKER™ also feature a flake stabilizer. The flake stabilizer will hold the flakes of hay in an upright position, and prevent the flakes from having a domino effect when the strings are cut.
* The flake accessory makes it possible to feed the big square bales of hay, one or more flakes at a time.
* The BIG BALE FLAKER™ is winch motorized and can be operated from the safety and convenience of the cab of a pickup.
* The most appealing characteristic of this system is it’s simplicity. If you can drive a pickup, you can feed a big square bale of hay using the BIG BALE FLAKER™.


BIG BALE FLAKERtm The new era of feeding square bale hay.

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